Primary Angioplasty | Heart attack emergency care

Heart Attack is common, life threatening and still a leading cause of death in India. There is an international medical saying in cardiology that “Time is muscle“. The minute you have a heart attack, blood supply to the heart muscle is abruptly cut off. If blood flow cannot be re-established within 90 minutes, the heart muscle starts suffering irreversible damage. Scarring of heart muscle results in poor functioning of the heart, reduced capacity to provide oxygen to the body during exercise, life threatening heart rhythm problems and eventually heart failure.

Despite the advances in the treatment of heart attack, only very few patients in our country receive this treatment on time due to lack of resources and expertise. Apollo Heart Attack Centre would be unique in that it would be established to specifically deal with heart attack patients where patients, on arrival at the Emergency Department, are directly whizzed through to the Cath Lab for emergency angiography and angioplasty called “Primary Angioplasty”. The blocked artery is directly opened with balloon and stenting and this treatment is far superior to the conventional treatment with a clot buster drug (thrombolysis) which is only effective in 60% of the patients and only when given within the first 12 hours of the onset of pain. Primary Angioplasty on the other hand is effective even upto 24 hours from the onset of pain, however the sooner it is done the better.